Warranty Policy


Our products are guaranteed to the end-user, against manufacturing defects or malfunction derived from said defects. Unless a different warranty period was expressly stated at the moment of the purchase, the product will be covered for a period of 1 year starting with the date of purchase from us or any of our authorized retailers. Please be aware that outside USA other terms and restrictions may apply.

If you purchased your product from an authorized retailer (inside or outside USA) please refer to them before contacting us. Your authorized retailer will always be your first resource in order to make your warranty effective.

The  warranty will remain valid unless the product was not operated according to the instructions and manuals provided or if the malfunction is a consequence of any of the following circumstances: Inappropriate installation, undue use, unauthorized service, overheating, inclusion of foreign materials or non-original parts, lack of maintenance or incorrect application of the same, excess of humidity, deterioration or wear and tear, corrosion, excess of dust, impacts or scratches, short circuits, severe voltage fluctuations or any other cause not limited by the foregoing list but that shall be considered as a reason that may occasion a malfunction.

At all times, we excuse us from explaining or analyzing the cause(s) that may originate said malfunction, understanding that the visible manifestation and/or consequence of any of the above, permanently invalidates the warranty. Finally, the warranty remains without effect if the damage(s) had been occasioned direct or indirectly by the customer or third parties.

During the warranty period, we will, at our exclusive criteria, carry out a replacement or repair the malfunctioning product (using new or refurbished replacement parts) within a period of 90 calendar days and with no charge.

In order to process your warranty, you must provide a valid proof of purchase, request an RMA number (when it applies) and send the product to us, prepaying for shipping, import fees, duties, and taxes.